Q: How long does it take to complete an inspection?
A: Generally it will take 1-3 days to complete the report. 

Q: When the inspection report is completed where is it sent?
A: All inspection reports are sent directly to the insurance carrier. 

Q: Can the agent get a copy of the inspection report?
A: No, this is a confidential report and can not be released to the agent/broker.

Q: Can the client request a copy of the inspection?
A: Yes, it will require  a written request with the client's signature. 

Q: May we have the client call in to Tam Inspections?
A: Yes, the client may call into 1-888-600-3674 and give thier name. Please be sure we have the request before the client calls in. 

Q: Who is billed for the inspection report?
A: The insurance carrier is always billed for the report. The agents office will not be charged for anything.

Q: Can the inspection report be shared with more than one carrier?
A: Yes, if you want to shop the case we can send it out as a copy case report within 90 days of the original reports completed date. If it is beyond 90 days we will have to re-contact the client for a brief update report. 

Q: What insurance companies is your company able to do IR's and APS' for?
A: TAM Inspection Services has accounts with over 200 insurance companies. If you are unsure of a particular carrier, please call to inquire.

Q: How long does a typical inspection report take?
A: It varies from client to client but can take from 5-30 minutes. The average inspection report takes no more than 10 minutes.


Q: Can the APS be sent to the agent/broker?
A: Yes, we can send the medical records to the agent's office directly. 

Q: What if we do not have a phone number for the doctors office will you obtain it?
A: Yes, we will make an attempt to locate the number for you. If we have trouble we will request you check with your client. 

Q: How long does it take to obtain medical records?
A: Each doctors office has a procedure to process APS requests. We always try to find the best and quickest way to process your request.

Q: Who is billed for the APS?
A: Unless arrangements are made prior to bill the agents office directly, all charges are billed directly to the insurance carrier.


Q: Is the mother always tested?
A: No, but if she is, the paternity test may take less time and provide for a higher level of certainty. When the mother participates we are able to subtract her contribution to the Childs DNA.

Q: Does the child have to be a certain age to have DNA paternity test?
A: No, we regularly perform paternity testing on newborn infants using the umbilical cord blood, an easy and painless procedure that takes place right in the delivery room. For young children we use cheek swabs.

Q: How are the paternity testing samples collected?
A: We have a variety of paternity testing collection options available including cheek ( buccal ) swabs. You can order the fully verified legal test, or an at home test depending on your needs.

Q: How long does the DNA testing take?
A: Paternity results take 48 hours to process once the sample reaches the offsite lab. Samples are sent to the lab via overnight express service.

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